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  • Flex & Stretch Yoga

    Flex & Stretch Yoga

    Come join us for Flex & Stretch Yoga!
    We are adding a great class to our schedule at our Pleasanton and Livermore location. Try your first class free!! This will be a great compliment to our HITT classes to get you stretched and recovered. Thanks, Hitt Factory ....

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  • Coming Soon

    HITT Factory will be opening a new location in Brentwood, CA.

    Submit your information to learn about our new facility opening in 2019.


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  • HITT FACTORY is looking for Fitness Coaches

    If you are looking for a great place to coach, HITT
    is the place! We are looking for Coaches with a passion for health, fitness and people. We offer a results
    driven program with the best equipment there is to offer. Please call or email Paul for more information (925) 967-3265 or HITT IT!! ....

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  • Non-Profits We Support

    Kids Against Hunger
    Kids Against Hunger is a non-profit humanitarian organization with a mission to provide fully nutritious food to impoverished children and families around the world...and around the corner. The goal of the organization is for the meals to provide a stable nutritional base from which recipient families can move their families from starvation or food insecurity to self-sufficiency.
    Unravel Pediatric Cancer
    Unravel is a nonprofit organization working to spread knowledge about the grim realities of pediatric cancer and the devastating impact from the lack of funding. They supply the information, tools, and support to individuals and communities that want to help ....

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    LIVERMORE CA, 94551

    Coach-Led classes workouts are for all fitness levels ✅ Monthly Body Composition Test (Ensures you're burning FAT and building lean muscle) ✅ MyZone Heart Rate Training (Shows real-time effort and calorie output) ✅ Affordable Rates ✅ Superior Fitness Program (Half Cardio Half Weights)
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