See Real Results At HITT With Group Fitness Classes

Ready to train like never before? Join our Group Fitness Classes at HIIT Factory today for a total-body training program that will help you see real results on the path to better fitness and health. Our fitness program blends the best of multiple training disciplines to give you a high-energy workout that builds muscle and promotes weight loss. 

Our skilled instructors are trained to push athletes in our Group Fitness Classes to be their very best. And with a focus on rest and recovery, you can be sure your body will experience optimal results. 

HITT Factory Personal Training Pleasanton

Eliminate The Cons Of Your Workout With HITT Group Fitness Classes

At HITT Factory, we believe in the power of blending disciplines to create the best program. With our Group Fitness Classes, you can avoid the shortfalls of traditional exercises by combining the best parts of each movement. 

Group Fitness Classes at HITT include:

  • Boxing
  • Weight training
  • Cardiovascular training
  • And more!   

You don't have to feel stuck in one discipline. Break the mold at HITT Factory in Pleasanton.

Never Plateau With Ever-Changing Group Fitness Classes

You've probably seen it before. Your first month of training brings exciting results that encourage you to continue. But then in month two, you notice less. And then less. And then none. Don't fall into that trap again.

At HITT Factory, our Group Fitness Classes are always changing and adapting to your needs.  Each month, our trainers will change up the approach and keep your body guessing to help you continue seeing real results.

With Group Fitness Classes at HITT, you'll see immediate and sustained benefits like:

  • Healthy weight loss by burning hundreds of calories 
  • Lean muscle gains with constantly challenging exercises 
  • Improved self-confidence with the success you experience 
  • Reduced stress and a clearer mind with your healthier lifestyle      

Start Your HITT Journey Today!

Join us at HITT Factory today and take part in the most exciting Group Fitness Classes you've ever seen. We are changing the way Pleasanton works out and we can't wait for you to be a part of it. To get started or for more information, simply fill out the short form on your screen now and a member of our staff will take it from there! 

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