Change The Way You Train With Reform Fitness Personal Training

At Reform Fitness in Pleasanton, our training programs are built around getting your body moving and your heart racing. And with our MyZone Personal Effort Monitor, you'll enjoy a built-in Personal Training system with each and every workout. Measure your heart rate as you train and earn points for giving it your all! 

The MyZone Personal Effort Monitor is perfect for athletes of all experience levels because it is customized to your fitness goals and abilities. Whether you've been involved with high-intensity training for years or you're just getting started, this Personal Training feature will cater to you, promoting inclusiveness and accomplishment. 

HITT Factory Personal Training Pleasanton

Personal Training With MyZone Is Perfect For Any Form Of Exercise

It's no secret that we like to mix things up at Reform Fitness. The more we change your workout, the less you will see plateaus. And with MyZone Personal Training, you can track and record your performance no matter what exercise you're completing. Wearing a comfortable belt just below your chest, the MyZone monitor will accurately record your effort during exercises like: 

  • Burpees
  • Box Jumps 
  • Running
  • Kickboxing
  • And more!

PLUS, MyZone Personal Training can be recorded anywhere! Can't make it to the gym one day? Or just want to log a weekend walk or jog around the neighborhood? No problem. The MyZone Personal Training monitor will track and record your workouts no matter where you complete them. And you'll earn points along the way to get you motivated and track your success.

Challenge Yourself And Your Friends With The MyZone Personal Training App!

With the MyZone Personal Training app, you can easily track your fitness achievements and share them with friends and athletes around the world using the MyZone leaderboard. By using the app or logging in on your computer, you'll be able to access a minute-by-minute breakdown of your training metrics to better understand what exercises are working best for you.

And with each point you earn through MyZone Personal Training, you'll move up the leaderboard on your path to the top! 

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